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Traditional agrarian proportions with a contemporary interpretation of the ‘barn style’ dwelling house and an option for vernacular timber cladding encompasses this secluded buildings facade to help soften its impact on the surrounding landscape and potentially create a subtle expression of ‘dark-itecture‘ at this beautiful rural setting.

barn-style-dwelling-house-with-barrel-roof-curve-architects-sketch-design-layout-plan Featured House architects design barn-style-dwelling-house-with-barrel-roof-curve-zmzinc-pressed-zinc-roof-profile-circular-design Featured House architects design barn-style-dwelling-house-with-barrel-roof-curve-elevation-orthographic-projection-vaulted-ceiling Featured House architects design barn-style-dwelling-house-with-barrel-roof-curve-3d-animated-contextual-perspective-drgs Featured House architects design barn-style-dwelling-house-with-barrel-roof-curve-cross-section-timber-gluelam-rafter-detail Featured House architects design barn-style-dwelling-house-with-barrel-roof-curve-elevation Featured House architects design

The layout was designed with a particular emphasis on sunlight towards south and western sunset aspects, to penetrate the open-plan kitchen – dining – family rooms with light and warmth, while orientated to maximise the available views onsite and create a sequestered external link to the outside space which can be supervised from the kitchen, and accessed thru full height gliding doors onto a secluded BBQ area, and having a separate bedroom wing placed at right angles to help shield from the prevailing winds.

With an economical footprint and insulated pressed metal curved roof profile, this innovative, affordable and sustainable Passive Ecohouse with its double height spaces, helps to liberate the metaphysical environment and its occupants connection to nature by use of natural materials and large opening expanses of glass, and seeks to harmonise the Feng Shui element and quasi-philosophical design elements and interaction with it’s surroundings thru the unique curved proportions and adaptable ‘pocket door’ links between these cleverly designed spaces, and we would like to thank our client for giving us this opportunity to realise that vision.

contact-irishplans-arrow Featured House architects designclick here to view the 3d walkthru animation for this barn style dwelling house